Legal Action Fund

Over the past few years,TRALA’s Legal Action Fund (LAF) has been essential in funding amicus briefs at both the state and federal levels to protect our industry. In addition, the LAF helps supplement TRALA’s annual budget to fight state and federal legislation that could impact your business.

This year, TRALA has been working on a variety of challenges, most notably with respect to legal/liability legislation in the states and environmental issues at both the state and federal level. 
TRALA hired a consultant to focus on emissions with respect to both the EPA and CARB as both entities move forward with the most significant regulations in a generation that will affect how TRALA members operate their businesses.  Currently, TRALA is setting up appointments with the EPA to talk about their new Phase 3 regulation and writing comments and coordinating with both its own members and the OEMs to ensure we are talking with one voice.
This year has also seen an uptick in opportunities to address an enormous threat to our industry with the trial lawyers using “optional equip” arguments to circumvent the Graves Amendment.  In both Texas and Florida, TRALA has worked with its members and allies to introduce legislation that would ensure companies cannot be sued if they meet all federal safety requirements with respect to the vehicle they put on the road.  This reinforces the Graves Amendment and is crucial when some judges have allowed lawsuits to move forward on this new “theory” being pushed by the trial bar.
Please make a corporate contribution today to the 2023 Legal Action Fund! You may contribute online by following the link below or you may mail in a contribution (please make the check payable to Truck Renting and Leasing Association) to the following address:

675 North Washington Street, Suite #410
Alexandria, VA  22314

Jake Jacoby
TRALA President and CEO

How can I contribute?
Please click here to access TRALA's secure credit card contribution page.

Suggested Contribution Amounts
Below $50 Million:                             $1,000
$50 Million to $200 Million:              $1,500
$200 Million to $500 Million:            $2,000
$500 Million and Above:                    $2,500+

This payment is deductible for most members as a business expense.  However, TRALA estimates that 28% of the dues payment is not deductible as a business expense because of the lobbying activities TRALA does on behalf of its members.  TRALA Federal Employer Identification #52-1122114.