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TRALA 2019 Legal Action Fund Campaign

TRALA hopes you will consider making a corporate contribution to TRALA’s 2019 Legal Action Fund (LAF) today.  TRALA needs your help to ensure that it has the necessary resources ready when and where they are needed to promote and protect our industry in Congress, the State houses, and in the courts.
Last year, TRALA’s LAF was essential in funding both a federal tax initiative as well as multiple amicus briefs, which TRALA submitted in support of key issues facing the broader trucking industry.  The briefs included one regarding the preemption of state law for trucks operating in interstate commerce as well as one with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in a case concerning the misclassification of independent contractors.
In 2019, TRALA reached an agreement with one of the preeminent law firms in the state of Michigan to draft an amicus brief to the state Supreme Court.  This case revolves around an unprecedented decision by the Michigan Court of Appeals that held a rental company liable under general negligence rather than for negligent entrustment or maintenance.  These kinds of legal challenges are necessary, yet expensive and TRALA will need the assistance of its LAF in order to mount this and other inevitable fights.
In addition to the legal briefs that TRALA files each year, the LAF helps fund the extensive state lobbying work it does on behalf of you, its members.  Just this year TRALA has achieved success in Arizona, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, and New Mexico saving our industry millions of dollars. Because we face ongoing threats from trial lawyers and anti-business legislators, TRALA must be ready to act in a moment’s notice and that is precisely why we need your support for the LAF.

You may contribute online by following the link below or you may mail in a contribution (please make the check payable to Truck Renting and Leasing Association) to the following address:

675 North Washington Street, Suite #410
Alexandria, VA  22314

Jake Jacoby
TRALA President and CEO


How can I contribute?

Please click here to access TRALA's secure credit card contribution page.

Suggested Contribution Amounts
Below $50 Million:                    $1,000
$50 Million to $200 Million:      $1,500
$200 Million to $500 Million:     $2,000
$500 Million and Above:           $2,500

This payment is deductible for most members as a business expense.  However, TRALA estimates that 28% of the dues payment is not deductible as a business expense because of the lobbying activities TRALA does on behalf of its members.  TRALA Federal Employer Identification #52-1122114.