Government Relations

TRALA's government relations program supports the association's mission of fostering a positive legislative and regulatory climate within which those companies engaged in leasing and renting vehicles, as well as other related businesses, can compete without discrimination in the North American marketplace.

The grassroots mobilization program is designed to encourage TRALA members to actively participate in the political process. TRALA provides links for members to keep in contact with their Representatives in Congress or the White House. Learn More

A members only section, the Issue Updates focus on a variety of topics that affect the vehicle renting and leasing industry. Members are provided with a brief description of the current issue, how it affects the industry and the action that TRALA is taking on behalf of its members. Learn More

TRALAPAC is a political action committee (PAC) that serves as a vehicle for multiple companies within its defined industry – the truck renting and leasing industry – to work together to provide financial support to candidates for federal elective office who share an understanding of the legislative and policy concerns of the truck renting and leasing industry. All funds collected by a PAC must be personal. Federal election law strictly prohibits the use of corporate funds for political campaign purposes. Learn More

TRALA victories on federal and state legislative issues reflect the substantial return on investment the association provides to its members. TRALA is able to play such a key role in so many successes because of members' support of the Legal Action Fund. This campaign allows TRALA to have the resources necessary to protect the vehicle renting and leasing industry at a moment's notice. Learn More

Legislative Bulletins are email updates that are sent when TRALA has taken action on legislative and regulatory issues that are of importance to the vehicle renting and leasing industry. Learn More