TRALA Security Program

Security issues remain a top priority for our nation's truck-related operations. The truck renting and leasing industry places strong emphasis on security measures, both through TRALA and individual companies. TRALA is committed to the enhancement and promotion of security measures within the truck renting and leasing industry.

TRALA has a permanent Security Committee that serves as both an information clearinghouse on security matters and in an advisory capacity to the TRALA leadership.

TRALA maintains regular contact on security issues with government agencies and officials, particularly the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Through relationships with key federal and state agencies, TRALA shares security information reciprocally and provides important TSA security bulletins to its members.

TRALA and TSA, in a cooperative effort, developed for truck renting and leasing companies a security awareness guide, "Safeguarding America's Transportation System, Security Guide for Truck Rental Company Employees." The guide serves as a tool for TRALA member companies to help their employees identify and report suspicious behavior and activities that may indicate a potential security threat. TSA has printed and distributed several hundred thousand security awareness guides to TRALA members to augment the existing security policies of truck rental companies.

TRALA has also developed and published the Truck Renting and Leasing Security Awareness and Self-Assessment Guide. Over three thousand copies of this guide have been delivered to renting and leasing company locations through the United States. An online version is also available for downloading. The guide is a voluntary tool for use by companies in assessing their own security preparedness. The awareness information and self-assessment inquiries in the guide were developed with the help of expert security consultants and in consultation with the TSA.