TRALAPAC is a political action committee (PAC) that serves as a vehicle for multiple companies within its defined industry – the truck renting and leasing industry – to work together to provide financial support to candidates for federal elective office who share an understanding of the legislative and policy concerns of the truck renting and leasing industry. All funds collected by a PAC must be personal. Federal election law strictly prohibits the use of corporate funds for political campaign purposes.

Why Did TRALA and its Members Form TRALAPAC?
TRALA represents the entire truck renting and leasing industry – not simply individual companies. Therefore, as the voice for the industry, TRALA must be able to take action by supporting candidates and elected officials that share the values and legislative goals of TRALA. While an individual company may have its own PAC, an industry association PAC has the ability to pool resources on behalf of the industry and can be viewed as acting in the best interest of a broader base of companies. Finally, TRALAPAC allows the association and its members the ability to continue to build and strengthen relationships with key lawmakers thereby helping TRALA in its mission to create the best political and legislative climate for our members’ businesses to thrive.

How Does TRALAPAC Operate?
TRALAPAC is run by the association as an affiliated PAC. The operation and decision making of TRALAPAC is done with the consultation of the TRALAPAC Committee which consists of a Chairman, Treasurer and others that are members of TRALA. Under federal law – the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) and the implementing rules of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) – all money collected for the direct use in a federal election campaign must come from personal funds. Corporations are strictly prohibited from contributing funds to a federal candidate. However, administration costs for running TRALAPAC can be collected by corporate dollars. Before any individual TRALA member can be asked to make a contribution to TRALAPAC, they must sign a “prior approval” or solicitation approval form that expressly states that they will allow TRALAPAC to discuss making a donation to fund the PAC. Until that form is signed TRALAPAC or its representatives will not solicit for donations. Please click on the following link to view and/or print out the  solicitation form. TRALAPAC makes determinations on which candidates to contribute to by evaluating, among other things, the candidate’s stance on key issues concerning the truck renting and leasing industry, relevant congressional committee assignments, and the candidate’s actual need for TRALAPAC support. The TRALAPAC Committee, a standing committee within TRALA, is consulted when making these decisions. TRALAPAC will send out yearly updates on the funds raised and dispersed to federal candidates to the TRALA membership.

Why Should I Contribute to TRALAPAC?
By supporting TRALAPAC, you are making an investment in your company’s economic and business future as well as to the long-term health of our industry. Every dollar raised will be spent on candidates for Congress. Not a single penny goes to administrative costs of running the PAC. The overriding objective of TRALAPAC is to assist several key legislative supporters of our industry as well as a handful of top decision-makers in Congress who have the ability to influence policy and legislation that directly impacts the truck renting and leasing industry. Knowing this, you can be confident that your dollars will be used wisely and effectively.

How Can I Contribute to TRALAPAC?
TRALAPAC is careful to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements for operating a PAC. If you are a member of TRALA and wish to join TRALAPAC, it is important that you comply with the following requirements:

  • You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent green card holder.
  • You may not be reimbursed for your contribution by an employer or a business account.
  • Your voluntary contributions to TRALAPAC must be from your personal funds. Corporate funds are strictly prohibited.
  • Before discussing a contribution to TRALAPAC, you must first fill out a “prior approval,” or solicitation form
  • Individual personal contributions over $200 must be reported to the Federal Election Commission. You simply fill out the  contribution form and send it along with a check if you have already signed the  solicitation form and ultimately decide to contribute to TRALAPAC.
If you have questions about the solicitation form, contribution form or any other issue regarding TRALAPAC, you may wish to contact TRALAPAC’s Treasurer who can be reached at: Jake Jacoby TRALAPAC Treasurer 675 North Washington Street, Suite 410 Alexandria, VA 22314 (703) 299-9120

Questions & Additional Information
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