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Although TRALA is an independent national association, alliances and partnerships are forged with other organizations, coalitions and state trucking associations seeking similar federal and state public policy objectives. 

American Automotive Leasing Association (www.aalafleet.com)
American Car Rental Association (www.acraorg.com)
American Moving & Storage Association (www.moving.org)
American Truck Dealers (www.nada.org/American+Truck+Dealers/)
American Trucking Associations (www.truckline.com)
Americans for Safe & Efficient Transportation (www.aset-safety.org)
Automotive Resources International (www.arifleet.com)
The Clean Diesel Alliance (www.clean-diesel.org)
Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (www.cvsa.org)
Distribution & LTL Carriers Association (www.dltl.org)
Engine Manufacturers Association (www.enginemanufacturers.org)
Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (www.elfaonline.org)
Intermodal Association of North America (www.intermodal.org)
Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (www.mema.org)
NATSO, Inc. (www.natso.com)
National Private Truck Council (www.nptc.org)
National Tank Truck Carriers, Inc. (www.tanktruck.net)
National Truck Equipment Association (www.ntea.com)
National Vehicle Leasing Association (www.nvla.org)
NGVAmerica (www.ngvamerica.org)
Owner Operator & Independent Drivers Association (www.ooida.com)
Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (www.scranet.org)
Technology and Maintenance Council (www.truckline.com/Federation/Councils/TMC/Pages/default.aspx)
Towing & Recovery Association of America, Inc. (www.Towserver.net)
Truck Manufacturers Association (www.truckmanufacturersassociation.org)
Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association (www.ttmanet.org)
Truckload Carriers Association (www.truckload.org)
U.S. Chamber of Commerce (www.uschamber.com)

Alabama Trucking Association, Inc. (www.alabamatrucking.org)
Alaska Trucking Association, Inc. (www.aktrucks.org)
Arizona Motor Transport Association (www.arizonatrucking.com)
Arkansas Trucking Association, Inc. (www.arkansastrucking.com)
California Trucking Association (www.caltrux.org)
Colorado Motor Carriers Association (www.cmca.com)
Motor Transport Association of Connecticut, Inc. (www.mtac.us)
Delaware Motor Transport Association, Inc. (www.dmta1.com)
Florida Trucking Association, Inc. (www.fltrucking.org)
Georgia Motor Trucking Association, Inc. (www.gmta.org)
Hawaii Transportation Association (www.htahawaii.org)
Idaho Trucking Association (www.idtrucking.org)
Illinois Trucking Association, Inc. (www.iltrucking.org)
Indiana Motor Truck Association, Inc. (www.imtaonline.net)
Iowa Motor Truck Association, Inc. (www.iowamotortruck.com)
Kansas Motor Carriers Association (www.kmca.org)
Kentucky Motor Transport Association, Inc. (www.kentuckytrucker.com)
Louisiana Motor Transport Association, Inc. (www.louisianatrucking.com)
Maine Motor Transport Association, Inc. (www.mmta.com)
Maryland Motor Truck Association, Inc. (www.mmtanet.com)
Massachusetts Motor Transportation Association, Inc. (www.mass-trucking.org)
Michigan Trucking Association, Inc. (www.mitrucking.org)
Minnesota Trucking Association (www.mntruck.org)
Mississippi Trucking Association (www.mstrucking.org)
Missouri Motor Carriers Association (www.motrucking.org)
Montana Motor Carriers Association, Inc. (www.mttrucking.org)
Nebraska Trucking Association (www.nebtrucking.com)
Nevada Motor Transport Association, Inc. (www.nmta.com)
New Hampshire Motor Transport Association (www.nhmta.org)
New Jersey Motor Truck Association (www.njmta.org)
New Mexico Trucking Association (www.nmtrucking.org)
New York State Motor Truck Association (www.nytrucks.org)
North Carolina Trucking Association, Inc. (www.nctrucking.com)
North Dakota Motor Carriers Association, Inc. (www.ndmca.org)
Ohio Trucking Association (www.ohiotruckingassn.org)
Oklahoma Trucking Association (www.oktrucking.org)
Oregon Trucking Associations, Inc. (www.ortrucking.org)
Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association (www.pmta.org)
Rhode Island Trucking Association, Inc. (www.ritrucking.org)
South Carolina Trucking Association, Inc. (www.sctrucking.org)
South Dakota Trucking Association (www.southdakotatrucking.com)
Tennessee Trucking Association (www.tntrucking.org)
Texas Motor Transportation Association (www.tmta.com/)
Utah Trucking Association (www.utahtrucking.com)
Vermont Truck & Bus Association, Inc. (www.vtba.org)
Virginia Trucking Association (www.vatrucking.org)
Washington Trucking Associations, Inc. (www.wtatrucking.com)
West Virginia Motor Truck Association, Inc. (www.wvmotortruck.org)
Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association (www.witruck.org)
Wyoming Trucking Association, Inc. (www.wytruck.org)