TRALA Defeats Maryland Rental Exclusion Removal Effort

On February 25, 2021, TRALA-opposed legislation, House Bill 383 was voted down by members of the Motor Vehicle Transportation Subcommittee (MTV). 
HB 383 called for the removal of the current exemption that prevents the issuance of red-light camera citations to rental companies and replace the exemption with a 45-day transfer of liability period in Maryland.
Immediately upon the bill's introduction in early January, TRALA contacted its allies in Maryland as well as its members to oppose the effort to remove the rental exemption as it would have created an unnecessary administrative burden on TRALA members and their customers.  Not only did TRALA submit written testimony to explain why the transfer of liability would not be helpful to motor vehicles rental companies and why maintaining an exemption for motor vehicle rental companies is necessary, but TRALA also spoke directly with Delegate Carr who was the bill's author to explain its position. 

This decision by MTV Subcommittee members came after the bill received large opposition from TRALA and its members as well as its partnership with the Maryland Motor Truck Association (MMTA) to push back on the bill. TRALA reached out to individual members on the subcommittee to educate them on the unique nature of the rental industry.
Maryland is one of only a few states that currently has an exemption in place so that motor vehicle rental companies would not be subject to receiving red light camera citations. TRALA will not only continue to oppose any efforts in Maryland that would remove this exemption.
TRALA would like to thank Louis Campion of MMTA for his help in coordinating the opposition to HB 383.
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