The Truck Renting and Leasing Association (TRALA) is pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2021 Shannon Davison will assume the role of Vice President of Events and Communications.

Shannon has been with TRALA since 2005 and has served the association in nearly every capacity during that time. For the past several years, Shannon has been the lead staffer for all events and meetings at TRALA. Whether it be the Annual Meeting, the summer Fly-In and Executive Meeting, or the Fall Leadership Meeting, Shannon has consistently demonstrated an expertise at juggling multiple tasks and performing them all well to ensure each meeting is a success.
In addition to meetings and events, Shannon is also TRALA's main point of contact for media inquiries, press releases, and communication efforts, including outreach to TRALA members and the media. She also oversees the production of the bi-weekly En Route publication put out by the association.

Shannon has shown a dedication to TRALA for many years now and has taken on more responsibilities during the past few years that have helped TRALA greatly. Her institutional knowledge and understanding of the membership and the overall industry has been critical to TRALA's success. Because of all these facts as well as her strong work ethic and mastery of how to traverse the worlds of events and communications, she is well deserving of this promotion.
She can still be reached at as always if you wish to congratulate her or need assistance at any time.
Thank you.
Jake Jacoby
TRALA President & CEO