CISA Releases Updated Guidance for Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers

Yesterday, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers Guidance Version 4.0. 

The latest version provides guidance for jurisdictions and critical infrastructure owners so that essential workers can continue to work safely as they support ongoing infrastructure operations across the nation.
As you may recall, CISA originally issued guidance on March 19 and has since provided three more updated versions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Previous versions were issued in order to help officials and organizations designate essential work functions to allow those access to their workplaces due to restrictions stemming from the pandemic. Version 4.0 builds off the earlier versions by identifying those essential workers that require specialized risk management strategies so they can work safely. The latest version also provides information on how organizations may plan and prepare to allocate high-demand resources used to protect essential workers from contracting COVID-19.

You may view CISA's Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers Guidance Version 4.0 by clicking here.
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