TRALA Urges Congress to Extend Natural Gas Tax Incentives

In written testimony before the House of Representatives' Committee on Ways and Means, TRALA supported the tax incentives as a factor in boosting domestic job production and reducing dependence on foreign oil.


The tax incentives supported by TRALA in its testimony included tax credits and rebates for fuel production, fuel purchases, infrastructure development and vehicle purchases.  These tax incentives have already been in place for several years but have either recently expired or are set to expire at the end of 2012.  TRALA urged Congress to consider extending these tax incentives in order to help mitigate the cost increases associated with the early utilization of natural gas as an alternative transportation fuel.

In addition to economic and energy security issues, TRALA also focused on the potential environmental benefit of extending the tax incentives.  In its testimony, TRALA explains to the Committee the up-front costs of purchasing equipment and technology needed to switch to using natural gas as a transportation fuel.  The mitigation of some of these costs through extending the tax incentives will prevent delays in achieving the environmental benefits of natural gas fuels.

"As TRALA members and their motor carrier customers explore the benefits of operating natural gas powered trucks, Congress should do what it can to keep natural gas as a viable alternative in meeting our country's economic, environmental and energy security goals," said TRALA President and CEO Tom James.

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