New York Budget Includes Highway Use Tax Fix

Today, Assembly and Senate negotiators in the state of New York unveiled a budget agreement for 2016 and 2017.  This agreement includes a fix for in-state and out-of-state heavy duty trucks seeking to operate in the state of New York.  Since the state supreme court ruled that the registration and decal fees for the Highway Use Tax (HUT) were unconstitutional for out-of-state trucks, all out-of-state carriers have been unable to get HUT decals which are necessary to legally operate in New York.
TRALA has been working in coordination with the New York State Motor Truck Association to find a workable solution to this court decision.  Due in large part to a strong lobbying effort, the state included a $1.50 Administrative Fee in their budget which will be assessed on all heavy vehicle operators who drive in New York.  This new fee will take the place of the old HUT Registration and Decal fee which was $19.  Additionally, this will once again allow out-of-state companies to access the One Stop Credential and Registration (OSCAR) website, which had been limited to only New York-plated vehicles after the court decision.  Though not perfect, this will allow TRALA members to gain access to OSCAR and be able to receive their HUT decals more easily and in a timely manner.
The New York state Legislature is voting on the budget today and the bill is expected to be signed by Governor Cuomo immediately after it has passed.  TRALA has learned that the New York Department of Revenue will begin the process of allowing all carriers to access OSCAR upon the budget being signed into law.  You may view the legislative changes made to the HUT program by clicking here or you can see the full revenue section of the bill by clicking here
TRALA wishes to thank Kendra Hems, Executive Director at the New York State Motor Truck Association, for her leadership on this issue and her continued partnership with TRALA on the critical issues impacting the trucking industry in New York.
If you have any questions regarding the New York Highway Use Tax please contact Andrew Stasiowski at or call (703) 299-9120.