Georgia Legislature Agrees with TRALA, Abandons $5 Per Day Fee Proposal

The Georgia legislature has passed a transportation funding package that does not include a proposed $5 per day rental fee. The Georgia state Senate, during consideration of HB 170, had amended the bill to include language that would have imposed a $5 per day fee on all car and truck rentals and leases. There were significant differences between the House version and the Senate version of the bill, which was ultimately sent to a Conference Committee charged with ironing out the differences between the two versions. TRALA, its allies at the Georgia Motor Truck Association (GMTA), and individual TRALA member companies continued to push legislators for removal of the $5 per day fee. TRALA appreciates its members that took the time to place calls to legislators' offices to advocate for the removal of this fee.
The plan regarding the $5 per day fee originally came from the Georgia Senate Transportation Committee which stated that, "On or after July 1, 2015, each rental motor vehicle concern renting or leasing motor vehicles in this state shall charge a $5 per day fee to the customer for each calendar day such vehicle is rented or leased.  The rental motor vehicle concern shall collect the fee at the time the customer pays for the rental or lease of the vehicle." It was reported to TRALA that some legislators were attempting to secure transportation funding revenue from out-of-state visitors who come to Georgia. TRALA and its members successfully demonstrated to legislators that the language applies to commercial trucks and that commercial truck rentals (and leases) are not typically something that draws out-of-state visitors to Georgia. Additionally, that language as-written would have disadvantaged in-state businesses who rent and lease commercial trucks.  
The final version of HB 170 produced by the conference committee - which was then approved by both the Georgia House and Senate last night - removed the $5 per day fee in favor of other funding mechanisms, such as an increase in the state excise tax on gasoline to 26 cents per gallon (up from 16.3) and on diesel fuel to 29 cents per gallon (up from 17.9). The bill also contains provisions to tie future increases (or decreases) in the gasoline and diesel fuel excise tax rates to inflation, using the Consumer Price Index.
TRALA appreciates the leadership and support of GMTA President and CEO Ed Crowell who partnered with TRALA to push the legislature to abandon the $5 per day fee proposal.  To view a copy of HB 170 that was approved by the legislature and is pending the Governor's signature, please click here. For questions, contact TRALA's Joe Sculley at or by calling (703) 299-9120.