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TRALA 2017 Legal Action Fund Campaign

If you have not already given, please consider a corporate contribution to TRALA’s 2017 Legal Action Fund Campaign today.  TRALA needs your help to ensure that it has the resources necessary whenever and wherever they are needed.  Every day, TRALA promotes and protects our industry in Congress, the State houses, and in courts of law.  There are a few timely and critical issues that are taking place right now that your contribution will go toward that can really make a difference.
The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate set forth by the Obama Administration is nearing its implementation date at the end of this year. TRALA's petition, asking for a five-year enforcement exemption from the ELD Mandate for short-term rentals, was published in the Federal Register by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) on March 22, 2017. TRALA has been working for the past year to address a major problem within the mandate impacting short-term rentals.  Given the technological problems as well as the logistical and costly effects this mandate would have on TRALA members and their customers, particularly small businesses which utilize short-term rental vehicles, TRALA has worked tirelessly to ensure that our petition is ultimately accepted by FMCSA.   We expect a final decision by the agency to be announced later this summer.
In addition, TRALA recently entered into an agreement with a preeminent tax consultant to partner with us to fight attempts during tax reform to harm our industry.  Specifically, there have been discussions in Congress regarding the possible elimination of interest deductibility.  This could have a devastating impact on TRALA members’ ability to purchase the vast number of vehicles and equipment needed to service its customers.  This agreement will have significant costs but they are necessary to protect TRALA members’ interests.
In the states, collectively TRALA has saved the industry over $10,250,000 this year alone and we expect that number to grow by year’s end.  Whether it’s insurance, tax, or regulatory issues, TRALA has acted swiftly to block anti-business legislation in several states this year.
TRALA’s record of achievement is in large part due to the support of its members like you who contribute to the Legal Action Fund each year.  I hope you see the value that TRALA affords your company, as well as the overall industry, and that you will consider making a corporate contribution to the 2017 Legal Action Fund today.  Given the increases in costs due to our ELD petition as well as the tax reform partnership TRALA has entered into, making a contribution today will help ensure our success.
You may contribute on-line by following the link below or you may mail in a contribution (please make the check payable to Truck Renting and Leasing Association) to the following address:
675 North Washington Street, Suite #410
Alexandria, VA  22314
Thank you for your consideration.
Jake Jacoby
TRALA President and CEO


How can I contribute?

Please click here to access TRALA's secure credit card contribution page.

Suggested Contribution Amounts
Below $50 Million:                    $750
 $50 Million to $200 Million:      $1,500
$200 Million to $500 Million:     $2,000
$500 Million and Above:           $2,500

This payment is deductible for most members as a business expense.  However, TRALA estimates that 28% of the dues payment is not deductible as a business expense because of the lobbying activities TRALA does on behalf of its members.  TRALA Federal Employer Identification #52-1122114.   If you have any questions, please contact TRALA's Andrew Stasiowski at (703) 299-9120.