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TRALA 2016 Legal Action Fund Campaign

Please consider a corporate contribution to TRALA’s 2016 Legal Action Fund Campaign today. TRALA needs your help to ensure that it has the necessary resources ready when and where they are needed to promote and protect the industry in Congress, the State houses, and in courts of law.  TRALA’s efforts on the legislative, regulatory, and legal fronts have saved the truck renting and leasing industry billions of dollars. Contributions to the Legal Action Fund are a huge part of TRALA’s success, so TRALA is counting on that support once again this year.
The truck renting and leasing industry remains the target of the trial lawyers. As discussed during the recent TRALA Annual Meeting, the Stratton v. Wallace case is an example in which TRALA is currently defending the Graves Amendment.  The U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York previously issued a negative ruling, which relied on a flawed interpretation regarding the applicability of the Graves Amendment to non-negligent “affiliated” leasing companies.  TRALA was forced to act quickly to defend the Graves Amendment through an amicus brief filing, which TRALA regularly writes to defend the entire industry.
TRALA recently received word from our legal team that the Court had denied the lessor, Great River Leasing, on its motion to certify the Court’s summary judgment order for interlocutory appeal to the Second Circuit, which is the motion TRALA’s amicus brief supported. At this point, Great River has no viable appellate options until a final appealable order or judgment is issued. TRALA and its legal team remain committed to fighting this case, where costs can often add up quickly.  TRALA anticipates that it will likely file another amicus brief once a final decision has been made in this case if no settlement is reached.
In states across the country, TRALA regularly sees attempts by state lawmakers to target our industry for tax increases – whether it is on rental or leased vehicles.  Just in the past few months TRALA has been successful in beating back attempts in Louisiana, Maryland, and Florida where legislation was introduced that would have dramatically increased taxes or premiums on TRALA members.  TRALA’s success in these battles is a direct result of the backing it receives from our members.
The TRALA Board of Directors has affirmed its strong commitment to the Legal Action Fund to ensure that TRALA can continue to win these important legal and legislative fights.  Please consider making a corporate contribution today to the 2016 Legal Action Fund to support our industry!


How can I contribute?

Please click here to access TRALA's secure credit card contribution page.

Suggested Contribution Amounts
Below $50 Million:                    $750
 $50 Million to $200 Million:      $1,500
$200 Million to $500 Million:     $2,000
$500 Million and Above:           $2,500

This payment is deductible for most members as a business expense.  However, TRALA estimates that 28% of the dues payment is not deductible as a business expense because of the lobbying activities TRALA does on behalf of its members.  TRALA Federal Employer Identification #52-1122114.   If you have any questions, please contact TRALA's Andrew Stasiowski at (703) 299-9120.